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Ice Cold Gel Packs -Frequently Asked Questions

We all depend on refrigeration daily to protect and store everything from food, pharmaceuticals, and liquids to any other perishable items that would otherwise spoil if left at room temperature. But what do you do if you’re traveling away from the comfort of your home or shipping items that need to be stored at a consistent temperature? 

Most bulk gel packs for shipping food come in various sizes and shapes while some offer multiple uses or require proper disposal after use due to the toxic chemicals used to achieve its temperature. Depending on your specific need, choosing the right freezer packs for shipping can be difficult, and while there are a lot of questions about gel packs in relation to perishable goods, there are also differing opinions and sometimes incorrect information about gel packs. So, we would like to list some of the Frequently Asked Questions about Ice Cold Gel Packs with answers from our expert team at ICGP.

How long do Ice Cold Gel Packs last?

Standard ice begins to melt quickly, leaving your dry goods wet and stored at an improper temperature. Once frozen, our standard cold shipping packs last up to 65% longer than regular frozen ice derived from water. The length of time also varies between the size, shape, and density of your package. When packed properly in a well-insulated cooler our packs can sometimes last days. Generally speaking, our Ice Cold Gel Packs can keep food at a safe temperature for 24 hours.

What is inside my Ice Cold Gel Pack?

Our reusable cold pack has two components; water and Sodium Polyacrylate, a sodium based gel that mixes with the water to lower the temperature of the pack. Although the components inside our Ice Cold Gel Packs are non-toxic you should avoid handling the contents inside your gel pack and wash any skin that comes in contact with soap and water.

Are Ice Cold Gel Packs safe to ship with perishable items like food?

Absolutely! Our gel packs are non-toxic and designed to resist leaks. However, if any of your frozen food does come in contact with the contents of our gel packs we do not recommend consuming it.

Are there rules to shipping temperature-controlled items?

There are several rules and regulations to consider when shipping temperature-controlled foods and pharmaceuticals. Dry ice, for example, is considered a hazardous material and is regulated heavily by the amount of dry ice used in the package. There are also rules and stipulations on how the package must be labeled. In general, shipping with Ice Cold Gel Packs is easier, cost effective, and safer than traditional refrigeration methods. 

How do I dispose of Ice Cold Gel Packs?

Our non-toxic formula is safe for the environment and is easily disposed of by emptying the contents into the garbage. First, allow your Ice Cold Gel Pack time to thaw on a counter. Using scissors, carefully remove a corner of the gel pack. Do not empty the contents of your Ice Cold Gel Pack down the sink.

How do I use Ice Cold Gel Packs?

Using our gel packs is as simple as placing the pack inside a freezer until desired temperature is achieved. Afterwards, our packs are ready to ensure your items arrive at their destination at the proper temperature.

Can I dump the contents of Ice Cold Gel Packs down the sink?

You should never dump the contents of our gel packs down the sink. Please study and follow your local recycling and waste removal guidelines.

Can I take Ice Cold Gel Packs on an airplane?

According to the Transportation and Safety Administration (TSA), to pass TSA checkpoints, liquids must be frozen solid when presented for screening. All liquids must pass the 3-1-1 requirements if partially melted, slushy, or have any liquid at the bottom of the container. It states that each passenger may carry liquids, gels and aerosols in travel-size containers that are 3.4 ounces or100 milliliters. Each passenger is limited to one quart-size bag of liquids, gels, and aerosols. If you are carrying more than that amount, then you’ll need to check your bags when you arrive at the airport or ship them ahead of time. Our gel packs are leak-proof and should be safe inside your luggage or cargo hold. 

Ice Cold Gel Packs is the leading supplier of safe, non-toxic gel packs with locations in Los Angeles, and Dallas, Texas. Our products are used worldwide to protect the integrity of foods and pharmaceuticals in transit. Our ice gel packs come in numerous sizes and are also available in custom sizes. Click here to view our gallery of stock sizes, or email us to discuss your specific requirements.

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