Ice Cold Gel Packs is the solution that your cold chain business needs to ensure your product stays ice cold! Whether itʼs food, pharmaceuticals, liquids, or any other perishable item, our gel packs are here to help you keep cold!

Summertime Cold Shipping Guide

Shipping temperature sensitive products during summer months can be challenging. Perishable goods like frozen food, confectionary products, and pharmaceuticals must be kept cold despite their sometimes lengthy journey. In order to ensure your items will arrive at their destination in perfect condition we’ve compiled a list of simple tips to make your shipping experience a breeze.



Shipping frozen or cold temperature products is easier than you think and starts with one main component, a box. Be sure to not only choose a box that fits the product you plan on sending but make sure that it is brand new. Used boxes tend to have imperfections like dents and cuts that can damage the integrity of your shipment. Corrugated cardboard provides a thicker, more protected layer to your shipment which means your package is less vulnerable to the elements. Bubble boxes and other insulated products provide extra cushioning including leak-proof options while insulated mailers are ideal for smaller items you intend to ship.

Plan Ahead!

Before shipping your product you should read and follow all shipping procedures provided by your carrier including properly labeling your packages. For frozen shipments, following all the requirements of the  International Air Transport Association (IATA) will ensure your shipments successful arrival. The IATA requires the outer packaging of all dry ice shipments to contain the following markings,

  • “Dry Ice” or “Carbon Dioxide Solid”
  • The net weight of the dry ice in kilograms
  • The name and address of the shipper
  • The name and address of the recipient

Pack it Correctly!

Shipments that include cold gel packs do not require the same labeling as packages with dry ice due to their non-toxic formula. For wet products or while shipping goods with dry ice, adding a foam box not only adds another layer of insulation, but helps seal your package better. Be sure to always allow ventilation during your package's journey. Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide and slowly returns to its natural gas state, becoming more volatile. Properly sealing your package prevents leakage and exposure to the elements.

Send it FAST.

When shipping goods and products that are temperature sensitive, timing is crucial. Always choose the fastest method available and be sure to follow all federal shipping requirements to avoid any delays. Try to ship early during the week to avoid delays that may be caused by holidays or where your carrier doesn’t offer weekend shipments. 

The cold chain process can be unpredictable. With Ice Cold Gel Packs, your shipment will arrive as cold as you the minute you sent it. Visit our product page to see how we can simplify your shipping needs.

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