gel pack vs water pack, which is better?

Water vs Gel: Why Ice Cold Gel Packs Are Superior for Cooling

Choosing the right cooling material is crucial for maintaining product freshness
during transport. While water and gel are both popular options, they offer
different benefits. In this blog, we'll compare water and gel based on three key
aspects: thermal conductivity, freezing, and flexibility. You'll see why Ice Cold
Gel Packs stand out as the best choice for your logistics needs.
Thermal Conductivity
Thermal conductivity is a material's ability to transfer heat, which is essential
for keeping products at the right temperature during transport.
Water: Water has high thermal conductivity, meaning it transfers heat quickly.
This is great for rapid cooling but also means that water warms up fast once
out of the freezer.

Gel: The gel in Ice Cold Gel Packs has lower thermal conductivity compared to
water. This lower conductivity allows the gel to maintain a constant
temperature for a longer period, providing prolonged and more controlled

How a material freezes and maintains its temperature is critical for transporting
perishable goods.
Water: Water freezes at 0°C (32°F) and turns into a solid block. While effective
at first, once the ice melts, it rapidly loses its cooling capability.
Gel: The gel in Ice Cold Gel Packs is engineered to freeze at specific
temperatures optimal for perishable goods. This means the gel can maintain a
lower temperature for a longer duration, even after beginning to thaw.
The flexibility of the cooling material affects how well it adapts to different
shipment types and product shapes.
Water: Frozen water becomes a rigid block of ice, making it hard to fit into
various shipment shapes and sizes. This rigidity can create empty spaces and
inefficient cold distribution.
Gel: Ice Cold Gel Packs remain flexible even when frozen. This flexibility allows
them to conform better around products, ensuring uniform cold distribution and
eliminating hot spots that could compromise shipment quality.
When choosing between water and gel for cooling, Ice Cold Gel Packs offer a
superior solution. With better thermal conductivity, optimized freezing
properties, and unmatched flexibility, our gel packs are ideal for keeping your
products fresh and safe during transport. Opting for Ice Cold Gel Packs ensures
maximum efficiency in your logistics operations, giving your products the
protection they need to arrive in perfect condition.
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